As summer progresses, the rich array of fruit tree varieties presents the orchardist with the delectable bounty of Nature in the form of rich ripeness of many kinds of fruits.
Apricots, apriums, plums, nectarines, peaches, pluots, plumcots, apples are all available in early – midseason varieites and taste so much better when you pick a tree ripened fruit rather than a store bought unripe one. In the home orchard, it is important to keep the trees well watered until the crop is harvested. Fruits have a very high content of water in them and letting them grow dryer than regularly watered, will compromise size of fruits, as well as quality. One important thing is to keep all fallen and damaged fruit picked up and disposed of so that it does not provide a haven for insects of disease.
Now is also a great time to begin thinking about ordering bulbs/ plants for the coming dormant season. With the current state of the economy, some growers offer attractive promotions to provide much savings if you order early. An advantage of early ordering is that you have the first priority and advantage of the best newer varieties which may be in short supply and your order will likely get filled if you order early.