Spring is one of the very best times to view the many varied Japanese maples! You can see fresh new growth in glowing spring colors. Fresh new growth is highly colored now. All of these maples like regular/ample watering and are one of the highest quality ornamentals that can be planted in ANY landscape situation. They make excellent potted plants as well. To help the avid enthusiast, the many cvs. are grouped together to show similar characterisitics. Several features of leaf characteristics help to identify and locate cvs with specific qualities from among the vast array of cvs in the large selection available.
Spring color group: Here you will find maples with outstanding new growth colorations. Brilliant yellows, pinks, reds are found here, there are variegated cvs. as well.
Areum, Autumn Moon, Moonrise, are selcetions of Acer shirasawanum, the full moon maple group which has more rounded leaves.
Aurem (A. palmatum), Katsura, Mizuho Beni, Uenoyama(planted in a sunny location), are yellow-to orange new leaf cvs.
Chishio Improved, Deshojo, Bonfire/Seigai, Otome Zakura, Shindeshojo, Beni Maiko, Aka Shigitatsusawa/Beni Shigitatsusawa, Kasagiyama, Purple Ghost, Peaches and Cream, Shigitatsusawa/Reticulatum are some of the outstanding forms, show stoppers in their own right.
The dwarf group is stunning when a few years have passed so they gain some size. They are like giant bonsai and suitable for containers, rock gardens, specimens, a low planting where you want something STUNNING! Here you find generally smaller leaves, and compact growth habits. Coonara Pygmy, Kashima, Murasaki Kiyohime(has purple leaf tips), Shishio Hime, Shaina(a red leaf dwarf), Beni Hoshi(red star like leaves turning bronze green and two toned when summer growth flushes out in red again.), Wilsons Pink Dwarf with shrimp pink new leaves, Corallinum with bright pink new leaves.
The cascading group/ deeply lobed group: Here you find larger leaves, deeply cut(not lacey like dissectums) and very often a graceful weeping/pendulous growth habit. Very often there is excellent fall color in this group! Burgundy Lace is an old cv. Sherwood Flame is very similar. Elegans has broad foliage. Inazuma had red leaves, pendulous habit often drooping near the ground. Omureyama is the same growth but with lacey green leaves…very elegant. Trompenburg is red leafed with shiny surfaces so it shimmers in the night when lit. Leaves are also rolled inward on the margins giving a tube like effect, very attractive. There is also the extremely rare Green Trompenburg. Semi no Hane is shorter growing and broad in green, coloring nicely in fall. There are a great many cvs available in this group, none are well known, but all are excellent landscape/garden subjects. These present very well when situated near water, or higher where the branching can cascade down.