The agapanthus is an old stand by with gardeners and landscapers alike. Most people may recognize them while in bloom. They have rounded flower clusters topped with medium blue flowers creating a globe of color everywhere. They have been planted in gardens and public places, freeways, and shopping centers. They are so commonplace, that people tend to forget about choosing them for their own gardens. This old standby also comes in white and there are dwarf cvs. in both blue and white.
What I want to mention to you now is that there has been hybridizing efforts which have yielded many better color forms. Many of these derive their ancestry from A. inapertus which has deeper blue – purple colors and pendant individual flowers in the clusters. New selections are Mood Indigo, Negrita, and Storm Cloud. All of these are simply stunning, especially when planted en masse. They make a bold vivid display and are of the utmost easy care. Simply plant them and water them in, regular watering will produce more growth which will make a larger plant, which in turn will bloom more and be very spectacular! These deep, dark colors are very attention getting…. AND you have virtually no maintenance… they are very easy to grow. Just plant and water. They like sun to bloom better. Years ago I have to admit I did not like them very much since the color was not as bold and brilliant as current selections are. But now, they make a truly impressive display. Flower stalks up to 4 ft tall, flower clusters up to a foot across and those deep colors of purple, indigo, and black purple are beautiful. The plant needs room if you choose the standard sized varieties, these are big plants, growing to perhaps 4-5 ft acroos in a mature clump, and topped with flower clusters to 4 ft tall! there are several smaller sized groups, both in blues/purples and whites. These vary from 1 foot tall to up to 3 ft tall. Everything about the smaller cvs. is nice. They fit into smaller niches nicely, are easy care, and GROW! I almost guarantee 100% success when these are planted. They are tough, remeber they are planted on freeways and shopping mall landscapes. It is recognizable to everybody when they are in bloom. The dramatic floral display will catch the eye easily to anyone looking in the direction of where they are planted. If you plant in larger groups, then the display effect is very bold.
They are deer resistant, sometimes a local population may eat the flower buds, but generally they are not bothered by these animals. Gophers also tend not to eat them. So take another look at this commonplace plant! The new selections available may just tempt you to plant some in your garden or container!