Some of the most spectacular of camellia blooms are the cvs. with two colors in the petals, the bordered or picoteed flowers. Here you will find a base color as the main color of the petal, spectacularly edged with another contrasting color. Some of the favorites in this group are Jean Clere (peony double pink with white edges) and the reverse image of this one, Margaret Davis(white with bright red picotee edge), Ohkan is a higo type single with spectacular large boss of golden stamens in the center, but those broad white petals are bordered in bright red), Kakure Iso is another spectacular one of very slow growth (dark burgundy red with darker veins bordered in silvery white), Tama no Ura is another in rose red, single and best color contrast is early in the season as warmer temps. will lessen the white border area to just solid red). This last cv. has produced some wonderful seendling cvs. Among the favorites are Tama Peacock with pendant branching, a fuller semi dbl red bordered in dramatic white, flowers hang downwards often and present themselves like hanging shuttlecocks all over the bush. Tama Vino is similarly bordered in white, this time the red is very dark, almost red wine colored. Tama Bell, Tama Americana, Tama Electra, and Merry Christmas are all similarly colored, most are single or semidouble, so if you cannot get the first ones, these others will please you in your garden just as much!
Other types of two colored flowers are Bokkuhan/Tinsie with small cute anemone form flowers in red with a contrasting white center of petaloids. This cv. has produced some nice offspring as well. Scented Gem is similarly colored in pink with white centers, additionally, it has fragrance! Sweet Emily Kate is a small double pink, the center petals often in blush giving a decidedly two tone effect, also fragrant. Kitty is a small pink formal with contrasting border, Grace Albritton is also white with red edges and very nice.
There are numerous other cvs with variegated flowers which present either flecks or stripe variegation as well as blotch variegations in their flowers. (Mabel Brian, Herme, Daikagura, High Hat, Nagaasaki, Donkelarii, etc.) Many more of the bicolor flowers exist, this is only a sample to let you know of this color pattern in the many hybrids which are not often seen. Check the nursery website blog for additional info. on these and others.