Garrya elliptica (silktassel) and the heaths and heathers are other winter bloomers for the garden. The native silktassel bush is a great easy care subject for the garden. Any native plant/drought tolerant landscape as well as backround specimen or screening will suit these larger shrubs. Good drainage is essential, but once established, they are very easy care shrubs. There are male and female examples. The male forms are usually most readily available and have the longer flower clusters, but the females produce a second season of interest when they bear the glossy dark shiny berries in late summer, fall. Thier clusters are shorter, but they have berries! Evie and James Roof are the cvs. generally available, but the species is also sometimes available. There is an inland species which is grayer foliaged and short flower cluster, but generally not available for us. Full sun to partial shade. Evergreen foliage is glossy and dark in color, perfect for screening and hedges(lightly pruned, or unpruned only)
The heaths, heathers are often winter blooming in many species and cvs. (Calluna, Erica) These shrubs are not commonly grown anymore, but they do offer winter blooms. Small flowers in profusion (some Ericas have larger flowers) in whites, pinks, cream, lavender and purples are the most common, but Ericas also include oranges and reddish tones. Habits vary from ground covers, small shrubs to larger shrubs to perhaps 10 ft. Well drained soil, humus is appreciated and they associate well with rhododendrons, azaleas, and camellias. Feathery fine textured foliage. Part shade to full sun (with much watering) and good drainage. Difficult to locate, they are available, so when you find one you like, BUY it! you may never find it again.