Our native iris species (Iris douglasiana, I. tenax, I. innominata have yielded many wonderful showy plants. Almost all the colors of the rainbow as well as combinations can be had from these very easy care plants… and they are drought tolerant too! Evergreen grassy foliage is their year round appearance, but in the spring bloom season, they burst into showy bloom, the clumps drawing the attention of anybody seeing them in bloom. New hybridized cvs. are providing a bicolor effect to the flower. This is especially apparent at a distance when viewing the clump. The individual flowers have lower petals(falls), of one color and the upper petals (standards) another. Favorite combinations that I have seen are bright gold with maroon brown, and dark blue with light blue lavender. There are almost an infinite combination of colors to be had if you look. As well, the petals are wider than the typical wild types, so you get a very full and often ruffly flower, which is showier. Easy care culture is allowing these plants to be enjoyed by almost anyone. Drought tolerant landscapes as well as more watered ones, perennial borders, and shrub borders are all places you can plant these beauties. Come to see some at the nursery.