Late summer’ s garden still can have surprises to interest even the most experienced gardener.  Take for instance the amazingly beautiful and yet delicate appearing bush clover (Lespedeza thunbergii cvs.)  These graceful sub shrubs offer arching stems, clothed with dainty, delicate appearing 3 part leaves and towards the ends of those stems are a profusion of small pea shaped flowers.  The typical color is magenta, a wonderful surprise for the garden that is showy and eye catching.  There are also rare white cvs. and pinks.  This is a tough easy care plant, sun to part shade, average cultural needs and the roots are perennial, the tops die down and shouwl be trimmed back in winter/late fall.  (*Another easy care, low maintenace plant that does wonderful things in the garden and you never see it planted much!)

Golden Rods (Solidago spp, and cvs.) are those easily recognizable perennials that give the golden yellow tones to many gardens and fields where they have naturalized(some are native).  Hybridists have worked with this group to give us a wide array of plant sizes and floral cluster forms.  Most are in yellow tones, varying from sulphur yellow to golden yellows.  They are a staple for perennial beds/borders and associated with shrubs.  Easy care, often drought tolerance, and no deer, gophers, few pests are attributes of these plants.  Sizes range from 18″ to 4-5 ft.  and clusters vary as well, most being approx 12″ across.  I have the cv. ‘Strictus’ with upright narrow clusters, quite feather like and taller.  It is a wonderful filler for cut flowers in a vase.  Sun to part shade, regular care/water and they are very perennial and dependable plants. 

Japanese anemones are beginning to bloom now.  Most are under the old name catch all of Anemone x hybrida, sometimes you will find as A. hupehensis japonica, and others such as A. tegmentosum, A. robustissima, A. vitifolia robustissima.  All have mounds of attractively cut furry soft foliage from which arise graceful upright stems which bear the flowers.  Flowers are single or double(tather semidouble) with narrower petals(actually sepals) giving a daisy like apperance.  Color range has been expanded to include whites, pinks in many shades, and rose reds.  There are some purple tinged forms as well.  Average soil, part shade to full sun(more water if planted here) and good drainage will produce spreading clumps that are permanent and dependable.

These are favorites, there are many other perennials to provide with color at this time.

visit a the nursery to see many more of these.