The world of wonderful (and many unknown) magnolias will come to light this Mar. 2 at the meeting of the IMS. This Friday night lecture is FREE to locals. You have to call Quarry Hill Botanical Garden 707.996.3166 to let them know you will attend(for their head count) at 8:00 p.m. The lecture is free to locals. Experts from around the world will be present and I am one of teh guest speakers. The many species and new hybrids of magnolias will be presented. This is a premiere event and we are very lucky to be sponsoring this international meeting here in the Bay Area! The itinerary is full and closed to others now, 96 members attending) not counting the locals!
Come if you wish to see rare species, spectacular new hybrids, many as yet unknown because they are so new. Vbrant colors, more petals (properly called tepals), scents and fragrances, new colors!) All will be discussed and many pictures to show examples of these outstanding and unknown plants! Magnolias are trees(and shrubs) planted for posterity. They will outlive many gardeners! The common types have been greatly surpassed with the hybridizing efforts. We now have brilliant violetes, purples, yellows, and improved whites and pinks, purples and some very dark cvs. Magnolias definitely provide that early spring ‘WOW’ factor to any garden landscape! …and many bloom later!
Some improvements are large flower size, profuse blooming, young tree blooming (some very heavily)