It is always nice to have flowers for the holidays and here are some NEW choices for you. These early blooming camellias are not at all well known, very showy, and provide wonderful holiday cheer and color. Camellia japonica San Dimas is a bright red semi double with boss of golden stamens. Wildfire is another bright red. Campfire is not well known at all, and provides a BIG splash of brilliant red blooms in profusion for a long time. Single red with bright yellow stamens, heavy bloomer. See this at Garden Delights Nursery at our new location, 2115 Adobe Rd, Petaluma. Tama no Ura is an old cv. from Japan, unique in color, red with broad white border and bell shaped flowers. Tama Bell is a similar new hybrid. Tama Peacock is spectacular with shuttlecock like semidouble blooms, brilliant red and edged white. Additionally, this shrub has pendant growth, so the blooms really do appear as shuttlecocks in flight. Tama Vino is a gem of high contrast. Deep wine red, bordered in show white and semidouble. Deep coppery new growth also. Black Magic may show some early blooms also, Here you have polished dark maroon semidouble blooms with wide petals and highly ornamental serrated foliage (like a cherry leaf) Dark bronze new growth offers additional color near the end of the blooming season. There are MANY unusual camellias but you have to search for them. Contorted stems, weeping cvs., variegated leaf forms, unusual leaf forms, FRAGRANT species and hybrids. Come for a visit, check the facebook page (Gardem Deligjts Nursery page and newly posted pics) to see some of these rare new goodies for your garden!