Japanese maples (Acer palmatum, A. Japonicum, A. sieboldianum, A, shirasawanum) and their hybrids comprise the group known as Japanese maples. There has been some exciting new selection of varieties, now coming available on the market. These are among the best subjects to any in your garden or containers.
Some favorites:
Autumn Moon -golden chartreuse foliage. More rounded lead shape with more loves/points on each leaf. In sun, many leaves turn orange. This cc wants to be shrub size.
Moonrise, Jordan are similar with yellow leaf color, but not the orange. They also grow larger.
Geisha Gone Wild is very showy as it opens its leaves in spring. White to pinkish margins on purple leaves. The leaves are often irregularly shaped, providing additional interest.
Olsen’s Frosted Pink Strawberry is one of the ‘reticulated’ leaf group of variegated maples. Brilliant strawberry pink veins show high contrast to the lighter creamy pinkish white backround of the leaves. Tones can darken as the season progresses.
(The ‘Ghost’ series of cvs). These related varieties all show this basic characteristic of lighter base leaf color with contrasting darker veins in various colors, according to each variety and sun exposure. Truly stunning, they are jewels for that special spot in the garden. Amber Ghost, Baby Ghost, First Ghost, Sister Ghost, Purple Ghost are some of the selections)
Purple Ghost is a favorite! Dark purple veins on a light creamy white tinted light purple backround on each leaf is eye catching! It darkens considerably as summer comes, the leaves turning almost entirely purple.
Tiger Rose is another striped wonder. Darker pinkish veins above a creamy backround on each leaf is spectacular.
Sister Ghost is another must have. Darker green veins above creamy backround, but the leaves showing longer lobes, giving a different texture to the tree. Colors change throughout the growing season.
Summer Gold is a bright new cv. Leaf loves with more points than typical 5 are highlighted in this cv. A nice bright addition for those wanting a yellow leafed tree. A p Aureum is an older cv, all yellow leaves and still a favorite of mine. Leaves give the tree a star like appearance.