1. There are literally thousands of azalea and camellia varieties. Here I will introduce you to some very special and unusual ones.
    A growing new trend is repeat blooming azaleas. Besides the spring bloom, these cvs flower during the rest of the year. Amount of bloom varies with each cv. This characteristic is well known in rhody/azalea circles, but little known to most other gardeners.
    I have some favorites. Rosa Belton is single medium purple with cream white throat. Medium to large size flowers. I have the very uncommon double form also! Rosa Belton Double.
    Hairu no Hibiki is a Belgian indica from Japan, can be grown as a florist type azalea. Long bloom season with medium to large flowers. Reddish borders and white throat. There is a more showy selection developed from this(this parent cv is pretty showy!) Haru no Hibiki Special is even more eye catching
    Otome no Mai is an extremely long bloomer, can bloom all winter if mild temps, and blooms almost continuously from summer on. Attractive small to medium purple flowers, neat dense growth habit.
    Ripples is fuchsia pink/red and very long blooming with wavy petal edges
    Super Red really is super! Double red flowers, good repeat bloom.
    Unusual cvs:
    There are split petal azaleas. The flowers are not tube/funnel/bell shaped. The petals separate, giving an entirely different floral effect .
    Koromo Shukibu, Polypetalum. Kinsai, Wicked Witch, Nuccios Purple Dragon are some in this group.
    Spider Dance is a very unusual cv with stamens only. The effect is ethereal, like filigree lace draped over the plant. It is showy, considering that the effect is from only stamens!
    Green Glow is the only green azalea. A bright chartreuse double, it makes a wonderful statement.
    More later…