All gardeners recognize the spring bulbs. Daffodils, narcissus, tulips, hyacinths, muscari, etc. There are others however, which provide additional interest. Babiana gives blues, purples and whites, species freesias give white-cream and fragrance, They like sun and good drainage and increase rapidly. Ixia, brodiaea/triteleia, sparaxis, species gladiolous offer other selections. They associate perfectly with our climate, being from Mediterranean climate origins, and give much variety to any planting. Dierama should also be mentioned here as it is a grea favorite. Evergreen grassy foliage clumps yield tall graceful wandlike stems from which hand pendulous bells of flowers on wiry threadlike stems. They are not called angel’s fishing rods/wandflowers for nothing. Additionally, they provide later interest with green seedpods, something like a hanging string of pearls, adn those make excellent dry material for the vase. As well, when the pods open, they display orange seeds! They bloom later spring into summer. Portect all bulbs from gophers with planting in wire baskets.