Brand new to the gardening industry are the trailing heucharellas. These perennials look like heucheras, but have the quality of spreading out to make a clump about 3 ft diameter. To add to this wonderful attribute, they have wonderfully showy colored foliage. It is rounded and scalloped like heucheras, but makes more of an impact since the plant spreads out much more. There are two new varieties available now. Yellowstone Falls and Redstone Falls. Each is very showy and presents a wonderful display by themself, or adding a combination planting can give a very dramatic effect. Yellowstone Falls is of course, yellow foliaged, but added to this is a center spot veined in bright red. And this is a pleasing combination, associating very well with other plants.
Redstone Falls is similarly showy. Reddish scalloped leaves also with a deeper central spot veined in red is showy and presents a dramatic display with any plant colors and leaf textures that associate well with the red spectrum. Yellowstone Falls prefers partial shade, while Redstone Falls is more appreciative of sun. (sun brings out more color intensity in this cv.)
Both are easy care perennials that spread to perhaps 3 ft wide. Their evergreen foliage is always pleasing. Additionally, they make wonderful container plants, either single specimens or combination plantings in larger containers. Partial shade to full sun, depending on your climate and location. Regular watering. Supplemental feeding will produce even more leaves, which will add to the leaf color display!
A nice idea is to use these for height as a pedestal plant to drape down outside the container, but placing the container high up on some kind of pedestal. Another use is to use the trailing quality to cover unsightly edges, containers, etc. These also make showy . wonderful hanging baskets!
come to see them in person at the nursery. As they are brand new, not many people will be aware of them, but they are truly worth seeking out to have at least one for your own garden!
They are also patented so propagation is prohibited.