For easy care and dramatic color, this selection of the ubiquyitous agapanthus is hard to beat.  Easy care, tough constitution and dramatic flowering are just some of the attributes of this wonderful selection.  Big, bold, imposing, dramatic, stop dead in your tracks, are all commentary quite appropriate to describe this wonderful plant.  Glossy petalled flowers come in huge round globe like clusters.  Their color is dark, brilliant and shining deep cobalt blue violet/purple.  It is tall as well as big and bold.  Flower clusters up to 4 ft are not uncommon and the clusters have large numbers of flowers, dozens.  Bold strap shaped leaves are evergreen in milder areas, decidous in colder areas.  Easy care, tough, drought tolerant when established, but if you water and give ample feeding, you get dramatic results in the blossom display!

These plants do best in full sun and make imposing companion plantings with contrasting and complementary colors.  Orange or gold daylilies, sunflowers, heleniums, black eyed susuan(Rudbeckia), gold foliaged, heucheras, heucharellas, hakonechloas, yellow phormiums, are but a few of the combinations that provide a showy bloom display.  Don’t forget goldenrods (Solidago cvs.) and pink Japanese anemones either! 

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