Now is one of the best times to plant. The soil is warm for good root growth and there is ample top growth. Many things can be planted now and they will be established by spring to take advantage of the growth spurt at that time. Additionally, many nurseries (LIKE MINE) are having a fall sale.
Another thing to remember is to order bareroot plants NOW, before they run out. Bareroot is one of the most economical and wise ways to get plants. Many choice varieties are available at very reasonable prices in this way. Fruit trees are an especially attractive choice since you can get many uncommon varieties if ordered like this, rather than hope your nursery still has some of the really choice goodies left by the time you visit them when they are growing in containers.
Some flowering goodies at this time of year….Japanese anemones in many varieties, thalictrum(meadow rue), rabdosia longituba, spider chrysanthemums(I have some coming and even a few very early ones! Fall color is happening already on many plants, some maples, viburnums, etc. are showing bright reds and otther fall leaf colors. Flowering gingers are coming into their own now. A few early ones have finished, but the majority are budding and blooming now and will continue for some time, into winter if they are protected, and until hard frost if they are in the open landscape/garden. Their lush tropical appeal is irresistable to many, it brings back memories of their visits to the tropics! Flowers have lucious fragrances in many cases, and I have 3 dozen cvs. from which to choose, tall and dwarf, many colors, and even variegated foliages. Some are also edible. Flower colors include whites, pinks, yellows, oranges, and reds. Fragrance is divine!