There are many uncommon, yet very beautiful camellias. Some are RARE!
The black flowered cvs are brilliantly dark gorgeous. New growth that follows is often just as showy as the blooms in many of these cvs.
Kuro Tsubaki is THE black camellia from Japan. It has given rise in its offspring to things like Black Opal, Night Rider, etc
Small to medium semi double flowers often have a lacquered appearance. These are slow growing and very uncommon, but well worth the search!
Black Magic is a larger and faster cv with deep maroon color and shiny petals. Additionally, the holly like foliage is very attractive.
There are variegated leaf cvs, (Golden Spangles, Reigyoku, Taiyo, Kin Sekai) weeping (Elena Cascade is extremely special) and contorted stem cvs(Unryu, Egao Corkscrew), and new yellow flowered (Senritsu Ko) cvs.
New and popular are the fragrant hybrids. Cinnamon Cindy, High Fragrance, Sweet Emily Kate are among them.
The unusual species are also choice in many cases. Here you find elegant lacy growth, arching, weeping growth, mass blooming of tiny showy flowers, fragrance, etc. Many surprises await the collector!
Camellia transnokoensis, transarisanensis, tsaii, forrestii, nokoensis, assimilis, are but a few species I will bring attention to now.