The native monkey flowers give a showy bloom for a long time. They are easy care as long as they get good drainage and sun.
Mimulus is the botanical name and there are both hybrids and wild species selections.
Recent hybridizing work has given us the ‘Jelly Bean’ series of hybrids. Many showy flowers over a long season as well as better garden watering tolerance and compact size are common to most named selections.
They have various names, mostly with ‘Jelly Bean’ in the name.
Solid colors in oranges, yellows, etc. A particularly showy cv is ‘Fiesta Marigold’ bright red and yellow (on the golden-orangey side) flowers draw your attention.
Dark attractive foliage provides a nice backround to the blooms, and compact habit make them wonderful garden and container subjects(they work really well in mixed container pots in full sun).
All are nice choices with bright cheery colors.
Good drainage, moderate water(more in containers than in the ground), nice cut flowers too. East care plants.
The wild species are more sensitive to over watering and poor drainage.
Deer resistant (remember, these are native wildflowers). Mostly Western natives, they like drier summers.

There are also moisture loving species (like M. guttatus), and annuals with bright showy flowers in a different color range.

Perennial, and depending on culture, relatively long lived.